Kaona Monastery

The great complex of monastery Kaona is an oasis spread on many kilometers in an area called Flat meadows (Ravne livade), while a fish- stocked pond and a water fountain leave no one indifferent. Next to the church, there is an unusual building with an eaves and a big octagonal table. This is a kind of guest room. This spot is to guests very comfortable for relaxing, talking and enjoying in the shades of high trees, while the table without the head symbolizes the equality before God.

It was built in the 14th century while the first church, on this spot, dates from 11th century. According to tradition, the monastery Kaona is an endowment of Iconia, a sister of famous Serbian knight Milos Obilic. She erected it after his death. He got killed in the battle against the Turks.

The monastery was demolished many times by the Turks and during the World Wars. It is around 100 kilometres from Belgrade, on the Sabac (Šabac) - Valjevo road. It is located 30 kilometres from city of Sabac.


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