Koznik Fortress

On 10 km southwest of Aleksandrovac, at the top of 922 metres high conical hill, the remains of medieval town Koznik stand. The great space of Serbia can be seen from it.

It is not known who founded the town but it is assumed that Celts had done it. The town had a significant role in the period of creation of Serbian state (12th century). It was on the station wagon road to Dubrovnik and the most famous product of this area was vine. Turks burned down the town, but even today some remains of carbonized wheat and arrows still may be found.

Tvrdjava Koznik Fortress

Koznik is not an easy place to approach. According to tradition, the material for constructing was being carried by the goats and, so the town got the name.

The fortress with seven towers is well preserved but the remains of the suburb can be only perceived. A few paths through the woods lead to the old town.One of them starts in the village of Koznica. It takes 45 minutes to walk to the old town.

It is on Aleksandrovac- spa Josanica road.

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