Vlasina Lake

Lake Vlasina is a lake created from river Vlasina and Vrla. About 110 rivers make basin of the lake, and it’s one of the largest in Serbia. Lake is surrounded by mountains Gramada, Vardenik and Čemernik, and is on the territory of Surdulica municipality, on 1.213 m altitude. It’s 12 km long and 3 km width, maximum depth is 35m.

Characteristically for this lake are the floating isles. Islands are made of chunks of peat and moss.

Meadows and birch trees surround the isles.

Vlasinsko Lake Pictures

Vlasinsko Lake

Vlasinsko Jezero Lake

Vlasinsko Jezero Lake

Vlasinsko Jezero Lake

Vlasinsko Jezero Lake

Vlasinsko Jezero Lake

There are various accommodation possibilities, like hotels, private houses to rent, and camping places. Although the potential of Vlasina lake is great, those who like fancier active vacations will find it without grand events. Lakeshore is wild, but there is possibility to rent a boat. Lake’s water is crystalline and pure, and those who wish to run away from the civilization at least for a while, here can find their peace.

Vlasina is rich with fish as minnow, trout, barbell, carp and others.

Cultural and historical monuments nearby are monasteries and churches in villages Palja, Božica and Crna Trava.

Major part of the roads to Vlasina has been improved in 2008. There are two roads, one that goes toward Vlasotince and Crna Trava, and the other way is the road to Vladicin Han-Surdulica, which is slightly longer, but one part of it is highway.


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