Serbian Spas

There are over 1000 mineral water springs that are the base for over 40 thermal centers, medical spas and wellness resorts.

Without doubt the pearl of Serbian spa tourism is Vrnjacka Banja, not only a medical spa center but also an appealing cultural andTravel Serbia - Spas entertainment center. Then Soko Banja, famous for saying: "you come here old and leave young ". However, if you prefer mountain, you can visit Prolom Banja or Ribarska Banja, but if you like plains there are Banja Kanjiza spa and Banja Junakovic .

Most of the spas have wellness centers and specialized health institutions which have at disposition modern equipment and latest methods in treating various diseases. The most thermal centers are surrounded with forests and parks and number of sites or historic monuments that in whole represent a very pleasant place for recovering strength and energy. Thermal centers usually are hosts to various congresses and festivals, but can also be used for sportsmen's preparations.

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