Bojanine Vode



A mountain oasis with lush greenery, crisp air and clear sunshine, Bojanine Vode is located 25 km from city of Nis (Niš). Sitting 700-1300m above sea level, on the northern slopes of Mt. Suva Planina, this area is an ecological haven. Its name derives from the nearby fresh mountain water spring, Bojanine vode (Bojana’s waters). Immediately beside the spring there is a Mountain dormitory, ‘Studenac’ (55 beds) at 860 meters above sea level, and ski-lodge ‘Niš’ (20 beds), at 810 meters above sea level. There’s a basketball court with lighting and a quirky ‘Orlova cesma’ (Eagle drinking fountain).


On their way from Bojanine vode, mountaineers can choose from among a few well-marked tracks, which wi


ll take them to wonderful nearby peaks, such as Sokolov kamen (1523m), Devojacki grob (1317m), Mosor (984m), and the highest peak of Mt. Suva – Trem, 1810 meters above sea level. In the wintertime, a small ski centre at Sokolov kamen is open. The main cable car (tanjiraca) is 900 meters long, climbs 320 meters and the capacity is 1,100 skiers per hour. The main slope is 1000 meters long, with a couple of gentler slopes (Pantina staza and Studenac) entertaining the kids and beginners.



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