Concentration Camp Crveni Krst

The concentration camp located in the district of Crveni Krst (Red Cross), Nis, is one of the few fully preserved fascist camps in Europe. Even today, it provides authentic testimony to the perils of the Serbian and Romani population, communists, numerous supporters of the liberation movement and partisans, who were incarcerated here during the German occupation of Serbia (1941-1944).

The sinister grey low-rise buildings here tell a special story though: on the 12th February 1942 there was a massive escape of prisoners. Out of 147 inmates who attempted to flee, 105 managed to escape, while 82 died along the way. Make what you will of that very sad survival rate, but at least they died free. After the successful escape, and another in December 1942, the camp became a real venue of death.


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