Mokra Gora


Mokra Gora  is a village in the west Serbia, situated between mountains Zlatibor and Tara. It belong to the group of mountain Zlatibor villages in which houses are scattered on the hills and mountain slopes. Average attitude is 1000 m and there are about 1000 inhabitants in the village. Mokra Gora has its extraordinary natural values which provide tourists from urban areas to comeback to preserved genuine nature and natural healthy living.

Mokra Gora has become popular after a reconstruction Sargan Eight -  a narrow gauge railway. In addition, the well-known Serbian film director Emir Kusturica financed the construction of an ethno village Mecavnik. In that way, he gave a big a contribution to the development of tourism in Mokra Gora.


Mokra Gora -January

Mokra Gora is one of the rare villages that have 2 churches in their scope. One of them is in the village green, and the other one was built in 17th century is in the part of village called Krsanje.

In the whole area of Mokra Gora, crafts have very long tradition. As this area is rich in wood, various carpentry crafts dominated, making usable items of everyday life.


Serbia-Mokra Gora

Mokra Gora - Sargan

Days of Mokra Gora are traditional happenings organized every year at the end of June. There are old crafts demonstrated in this happening, traditionally manufactured goods, as well as knitwear and wavered products are exhibited there. The whole happening is followed by delicious cuisine of this region and already known brass orchestra music.

The highway Uzice – Visegrad – Sarajevo passes through Mokra Gora, which enables connecting of Mokra Gora as a tourist resource well. There are several buses of public conveyance from Uzice dayle. The biggest attractions near Mokra Gora are Zlatibor, Tara, Perucac, Sargan, Mecavnik.


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