Brown Bear

A brown bear is the biggest European beast species belonging at the same time to the world's biggest predators. Body measures of a brown bear: height 100 – 120 cm, length 200 – 250 cm, weight 180 – 300 kg.

A brown bear used to be widely distributed across Serbia. In recent decades, due to excess hunting in most European countries including Serbia, populations of brown bear have been quite reduced.

Since 2002 a brown bear hunting has been prohibited. However, the largest number of brown bears in Serbia is in the area of Tara National Park, which is 40 specimen. Mt. Tara is a unique shelter for the bear in western Serbia owning to its relief, vegetation, a number of inaccessible and sheltered spots to den in the wintertime. It is assumed that there are 60 specimen in whole Serbia.

Serbian Brown Bear

A brown bear is a raised game species within the NP Tara. Four feeding grounds are used for its supplementary feeding.

Possibilities to encounter a brown bear are minimal. In case you meet it, stay where you are and don't make any sudden or fast movements, nor make any sound signals, stay calm.


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