Water plant on the river Djetinja


The water plant on the river Djetinja is the first electrical plant made according to Tesla’s  principles of an alternating current in Europe, just 5 years after the first of its kind was built on the river Niagara in America. It is situated in the bottom of The Uzice Old Town.



And how did it all start? In the year of 1891 there was established the State Wavering School. Then the idea to build the factory for wavering was born. To provide cheap and safe flow of energy, the shareholders decided to use waterpower of Djetinja for the machines in the factory. The cornerstone was placed by the Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenovic himself on 15th  of  May. The project for building the water plant on Djetinja was made by engineer Acim Stevovic, who was originally from Mokra Gora. Taking into account how heavy the equipment was which should have been brought from Vienna to Uzice, there were six oxen-drawn wagon used to do that. The works on the water plant have finished at the end of July1900.

For its Hundredth Annual, the water plant has been renovated and it was repaired to work again. The old machines by Siemens can make electricity again. In this beautiful building now there is the Technical Museum.



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