Molitva (Prayer)

Molitva is situated in a natural reservoir "Uvac". It is one of the most beautiful in Serbia and from it, one can admire in a beautiful sight on meanders of Uvac. You can reach it by taking the road from Sjenica to Ivanjica. After 10 minutes, at the sign for the reservoir one should turn left. There is macadam in a bad condition leading over a hill and it is not easy to find it without a guide. There is a suitable place for camping a few kilometers from Molitva, on the bank of the Uvac Lake.

Biljeska stena (Rock of Biljeska)

It is situated in National park Tara and from it there is a beautiful view on Perucac Lake and large part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can get there by taking a road that leads from Perucac Lake to Cross of Predovo. From it, there is macadam (2-3 km long) in a good condition. At one point, one should turn right.


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