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It is difficult to understand Serbian people if you don't know the history of its temples. Some temples are outside of towns, Travel Serbia - monasterieshidden in the forests and placed on top of high inaccessible cliffs. Some are concentrated in high number in small area (Like Ovcar-Kablar canyon, the Ibar valley or Fruska Gora). Turks had damaged the temples and did put them on fire and people did reconstruct them. The oldest date back to the XIIth century and one church from IX century has been preserved (Peter’s church).

Serbian temples are telling the story of those who constructed them. The most beautiful have been founded by Serbian rulers, and some of those rulers have spent their last years there as monks. Holly places have been founded by aristocracy, monks or ordinary citizens. On the walls of those sanctuaries you can find one of the most beautiful examples of medieval paintings. Some monasteries are under UNESCO world’s cultural and historical protection.

Serbian MonasteriesSerbian monasteries are placed on the old Transromanica road that is a part of the Counsel of Europe program: “The major roads of European culture”. Between XI and XII century European art was inspired by Rome and therefore called Romanic art. This artistic style is most visible in the architecture, on religious constructions because the Church was the bearer of the culture in the middle century. At the same time with this artistic style, the Serbian state begins to flourish. The builders were usually from Italy and Adriatic Sea and with them the western influences were brought and were mixed with the Byzantine art thus creating a particular style.

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