Kursumlia Spa

The Kursumlia Spa (Kursumlijska Banja) is situated in the south of Serbia, in the widened vallue of the Banjska River, at 442 m of altitude. The spa is sorounded with mountain slopes with thick forests. There is olympic-size swimming pool, filled with thermal mineral water. There are also sports fields for football and small footbal, basketball and marked “health tracks”. In the close Kursumliska Spa, there are numerous outgoing grounds and picnics are organized to Devils' Town, Prolom Spa and Lukovska Spa.


Loco motor aparture diseases
Chronic degenerative rheumatism of joints (arthroses, spondiloses), non-articular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis, paniculitis), states after bone breaking and surgical interventions on bones and joints, post-traumatic and war injuries,chronic inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatic arthritis in the calm phase, Behterevljeev’s disease).

Gynecological diseases
Inflammatory proccess of non-specific nature in the calm phase (Adnexitis chr, Parametritis chr), some kinds of sterility, primarily of inflammatory and endocrine cause;

Neurological diseases
Neuralgias, polyneuritis

Belgrade (rout through Krusevac) 272 km
Belgrade (rout through Nis) 307 km
Nis 66 km
Krusevac 82 km
Kursumlija 11 km


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