Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva is a pretty little town on the border with Romania. Bela Crkva was established soon after the liberation from the Turks in 1717. and it gets the name after the old white church (Bela Crkva – White Church) built by the first settlers. First inhabitants, were German colonist, soon after Serbs were settling in too.

Bela Crkva

Baroque facades, old streets, quite and slow pace of life makes visitors to this town feel relaxed. Visitors like Bela Crkva especially by the beautiful clear lakes. Six of them are good for swimming. Nearby, there are rivers: Danube, Karas and Nera and Danube -Tisa - Danube canal which, with lakes make an ideal place for fisherman.

Bela Crkva - Rumunska crkva

15 km away from Bela Crkva is a very special natural reservation – Bela Crkva and “Labudovo okno”, place for many different birds. Visitors also can visit fortress Ram and archaeological site Viminacium by ferry.

There are some festivals. Tourist season is opened by the Carnival of flowers. Prettiest gardens and balconies are presented to numerous visitors and on the closing night, carnival flower paraded through the town. The largest manifestation in the summer attracts several thousand fans of rock and roll and between 500 and 1000 bikers.

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Belgrade 96 km

Bela Crkva - Katolička crkva


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