1. Why travel to Serbia?
2. Is Serbia safe? Friendly?
3. What does holiday in Serbia cost?
4. Where should I stay? Online reservation?
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Travel to Serbia

Serbia is a country of particular charm and authentic people. Numerous prehistoric sites are evidence to the prosperous life from the earliest times in this region.

Here you can find ancient Roman palaces, cities and bridges. Romans had left behind themselves rich cultural and historical heritance.

Serbian monasteries from XII and XIII century with their frescos have been made part of the world cultural heritage and are under UNESCO protection.

Serbian mountains are oasis of rich forests, clean air and limpid waters and waterfalls. In the middle of these oases, there are villages that carry on the traditions and customs and artisan work that has been handed over from father to son. To get to know Serbia you should get to know Serbian villages first. Typical cuisine of every region, with all its delicacies, can be tasted only on the spot.

Nature Holiday

Serbia is not only Belgrade. The real and yet undiscovered Serbia, the one that must be explored with all senses can be found outside of Belgrade. South from Belgrade, Serbia is almost 45% forest, in south-western Serbia mostly pine, and many people choose to take advantage of the walking, free state-run campsites, bird watching, crystal clear rivers and lakes that populate nature reserves. You can walk and cycle without seeing a people for hours. For nature lovers, Serbia offers the perfect nature holiday.

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