Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites in Serbia date back to the oldest European civilisations and the oldest deciphered writings (Vinca and Serbia Travel - ViminaciumLepenski Vir).

Serbian territory is rich with the cultural heritage of Roman Empire. Sixteen Roman Emperors were born in this area. Among them is famous Emperor Constantine, one of the most important individuals of old Roman Empire, who had unfathomable contribution in creating the world as we know it today. Most of the emperors had built their palaces and villas in the places of their birth.

One of the earliest military settlements on the Danube river was Viminacium, near Pozarevac. The Roman troops from this fort were used in war against Dacians. They had built one of the biggest bridges at that time in the canyon of Djerdap. The bridge was almost 1.5 km long and some of the columns were 45m high.

Sirmium is the oldest Roman town in this area, and is situated near Sremska Mitrovica. Mediana is situated near Nis, Gamzigrad near Zajecar, Justinian I or Empress Town near Leskovac and Singidunum or now Belgrade are places where inestimable busts, mosaics and other constructions were found.

Archeological sites in Serbia


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