Brestovacka Spa

The spa is situated at the feet of Kucajske and Homoljske mountains (Eastern Serbia) on the Bor-Zagubica-Belgrade highway. It is 9 km away from Bor, at 385 m above sea level, sheltered from the influences of severe winter conditions and strong winds, with a moderate continental climate.

Brestovacka Spa has ten springs of curative thermo mineral water, whose temperature range is between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius.

Medical indications: locomotive system diseases and injuries, chronic diseases of joints, tissue and bone injury consequences (swelling, pain), muscle illnesses (lumbago), chronic gynecological diseases, diseases of the nerves.

The natural waters of Brestovacka Spa are used successfully as auxiliary creative means, along with medicaments and physical therapy.

The spa is surrounded by 90 hectares of woods. The Borsko lake is 4 km away from the spa, at 520 m above sea level with at least 90 days of bathing season. 12 km away, in the vicinity of the Zlot village, there are two caves: Lazareva and Vernjikica, better known as the Zlotshe caves, and 9 km further is the Bogovinska cave. In 1837, the Residence of Prince Milos was built in Brestovacka Spa, as well as the Prince’s court some time later. The Turkish hamam was restored in 1970, and in 1906 a new bath was built in place of the old one; it was restored in 1968.


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