Piter's church

Petrova (Piter's) church is one of the oldest and at the same time preserved objects of Serbian constructing, and the only preserved church from the period before the foundation of the Serbian state. It was most likely built in the IX century and at the same place, an early Christian relic was there.

Piter's church Serbia

Piter's church Serbia

On this very spot, the founder of the Serbian state- Stefan Nemanja handed over the throne to his son in the 12th century. His son was soon to be crowned as a king. Some historians are of the opinion that Stefan Nemanja was baptized in this church, and there are some assumptions that here was the first Serbian capital city- the city of Ras. The first Serbian tsar- Stefan the First married – was born in a court, which was a part of the city.

It is situated on a hill near Novi Pazar, on the road to Raska (Raška). From 1979 it is under the UNESCO protection.

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