Lepenski Vir

Lepenski Vir is an important Mesolithic archaeological site located 19 km far from city of Donji Milanovac. It consists of one large settlement with around ten satellite villages. The culture reaching its peak between 5300 BC and 4800 BC , but the evidence suggests the first human presence in the locality around 7000 BC. In 1971 when the whole site was relocated 29.7m higher to avoid flooding from a new artificial lake created in the Iron Gates gorge.

Lepenski Vir

It is assumed that the people of Lepenski Vir culture represent the descendants of the early European population  from the end of the last ice age. Archeological evidence of human habitation of the surrounding caves dates back to 20,000 BC.

Lepenski Vir Serbia

Lepenski Vir is the most famous for its stone figures of people, with fish like mouths and large eyes. Apart from them, archaeologist found a lot of sculptures modeled in a naturalistic and strongly expressionistic manner.

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