Maglic Fortress

When you enter to the valley of Ibar, and you leave behind towns, beautiful naturalistic landscapes start to enfold in front of you. About 30 km from Kraljevo towards Raska, 100 m above river Ibar on top of the hill is to be found the most beautiful gem of the Ibar gorge, one of the best preserved and beautiful fortresses of Serbia, Maglic.

When and by whom this fascinating fortress with 7 towers had been constructed is still a mystery. First written records date back to 1337. Archbishop Danilo II mentions the fortress in his memoirs, which represent one of the most important resources for studies of medieval Serbian history. Maglic is situated on the trade road that used to connect Kosovo and the valley of Morava.

It is believed that Maglic was constructed by Uros I after the Mongolian conquers in the XIII century. And there is a theory that Stefan Prvovencani built it in order to protect Zica and Studenica, but the fortress had lost its strategic importance because of the expansion of the Serbian state further south. During Ottoman occupation fortress was the hold of Turkish forces.

Today Maglic is in a very bad condition, so the entries in the buildings are not recommended for the security reasons. There is a restaurant in front of the fortress, across the river is placed a footbridge, and rafting tours usually end hear.

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