Djurdjevi Stupovi

Saint Djordje monastery belongs to the most significant place in the history of Serbian people. It got the name Djurdjevi Stupovi (Pillars of Djurdje) in the medieval times. It got this name since it has pillars which made him magnificent. It was built by Stefan Nemanja, the founder of Nemanjic dynasty in 1271, in the first years after he had ascended the throne. According to the narration, imprisoned in the dungeon by his brothers from which he looked at the hill, on which the monastery stands today, Stefan Nemanja prayed to a martyr Saint George (Djordje), a helper in need, to free him from slavery. While praying Djordje promised he would build a monastery dedicated to him after the release. Saint Djordje heard the prayer and fulfilled his wish. Nemanja started building the monastery without a delay and decorated it with many beautiful things…

Manastir Djurdjevi Stupovi

With the Turkish conquering of Serbia the world in which Djurdjevi Stupovi had been made, changed a lot. The monastery had experienced the greatest demolishing after the Austrian - Turkish wars in 1689 when the most of monasteries were demolished, even Pitter’s (Petrova) church and the church in Sopocani. Pitter`s church was soon rebuilt, the monastery in Sopocani in the XX century, while Djurdjevi Stupovi are still being rebuilt.

Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery is under the UNESCO protection from 1979. The architecture of the monastery has united two most popular styles: byzantine – eastern and roman – western. Since then, that style is recognized and known as Raska style and will be a model for building of many churches. Amazed by the beauty of the monastery, some European travel writers saved some parts of its history by writing reports and descriptions of it.

The Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery, built on a hill above the city of Novi Pazar.


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