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Kopaonik is one of the biggest mountains of Serbia and the biggest ski resort in Serbia. It is located in the sothern part of Central Serbia. Its highest peak is 2,017 meters above sea level. The national park Kopaonik is spread over the central part of the Kopaonik plateau.

Kopaonik is mainly a destination for skiing and snowboarding but there are many other features which are attracting tourists. It can be also your perfect destination for business gathering as well as healing escape from the city crowd.


Nacionalni park Kopaonik


Kopaonik Serbia


Nacionalni park Kopaonik


Planina Kopaonik

For those who enjoy strolling and nature tours as well as sightseeing, this mountain offers an excursion to the highest peak of Mt. Kopaonik at 2,017 m asl, a stroll to the landmark known as Marco's Rock (an unusally large granite rock), excursion to the geysers-sanctuary "Metodje". For history and archeology buffs, it offers a visit to the place called Nebeske stolice, reched by foot and a stay in in the restored remains of the Ortodox church.

The most important Serbian monasteries are located near Kopaonik and can be visited during a single stay: Studenica, Djurdjevi stupovi, Sopocani, Crna Reka, Gradac, Stara Pavlica.

Kopaonik Serbia


Kopaonik Serbia


Kopaonik Serbia


Kopaonik Smestaj


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The Riding school is always open on Mt. Kopaonik. One of the many events held on Kopaonik, during the summer season is is the rafting event held on the Ibar River, which assembles several hundreds of raftsband several thousand people.

There are a lot of hotels on Mt. Kopaonik.

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