Zlatibor - Sport

Zlatibor is a large, wavy highland with an average altitude of 1000 m which is especially suitable for sport and recreation. Due to ideal air pressure whiich has a positive influence on heart function and blood pressure, clean air and a long sunny periods, Zlatibor became important sports – recreational center.


There are numerous paths though small forests and over meadows, suitable for walks of different intensity. The most attractive walking path is the one leading from the center of Zlatibor to the Monument.


Mountaineering is something that most tourists enjoy there. There are a lot of picturesque terrains with unforgettable viewing spots at peaks. The highest peak is Tornik (1496 m).


It is possible to rent a bike for 1 hour or for the whole day. Cycling is a real pleasure thanks to slightly wavy relief. Mountain bike is the most suitable.

Horse ridding

It is possible to ride horses on 2 location:first one is ranch Zova and the other one is the ranch Farm. Apart from sports activities, both of clubs deal with horse riding training, terrain ridding, transport by carriage, ridding.


There is one outdoor swimming pool of Olimpic size in Olimp hotel, and one indoor swimming pool at the Chigota hotel which are open for all visitors. There are also some nicely arranged swimming areas in the nature (villages Ljubis, Musvete, Semegnjevo).

Trim paths and gyms

At the most beautiful locations, among the pin trees forest, there are jogging paths and training areas. The gyms at the hotels can be used by all people. The largest gym and the best equipped is placed in the Sports centre-hall and can be used by sports teams.

Collective sports

A lot of famous sports clubs and national sports teams from Serbia and abroad come to Zlatibor mountain for fitness preparations: Red Star team, Dinamo and CSK from Moscow, Panatenaikos from Greece and others. There are 2 standard football pitches with changing rooms, 10 basketball courts and one indoor sports hall. There are 5 arranged tennis courts with tartan ground, courts for volleyball and handball.


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