Ovcar Banja

Ovcar Banja (Ovcar Spa) is located in the central part of Serbia in attractive Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge. The Spa is placed at 279 m above sea level, and it is surrounded by the woody mountains of Ovcar and Kablar. In the near vicinity of Ovcar Spa, on Zapadna Morava river, there are two artificial lakes (Ovcarsko-Kablarsko and Medjuvrsje) and they offer numerous possibilities for sports fishing and tourism.

Ovcar Banja Spa

There are many cultural and sports events during the months of summer.

Medical indications: degenerative rheumatism, rheumatic illnesses, spondylitis, arthritis, consequences of bone breaks, nervous system illnesses.

Health control is supervised by the medical staff of the Cacak Medical Centre. Thermal water with temperatures ranging from 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, pH value of 7.

Belgrade 150 km
Cacak (Čačak) 18 km


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