Ljubostinja Monastery

The monastery of Ljubostinja, an endowment of Serbian Prince Lazar’s widow, Princes Milica, was built between 1389. and 1405. Princess Milica retired here under the name of nun Eugenia galhering the widows of other Serbian nobles falen with her husband in the famous battle of Kosovo in 1389. The monastery church of the Dormition of the Virgin is especially renowned by its richly sculptured windows, lunettes and rosettes, as well as fresco decorated facades. The two layers of fresco paintings in the interior of the church, the older one fragmentarely preserved and the later from 1415, are of excedptional artistic value. The residential monastery buildings have been remodeled several times throught its history. The most notable one dates from the beginning of 19th century.

Ljubostinja Monastery Serbia


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