South-western Serbia



Tara , waterfalls, „Sargan's eight“- the railway on which travel antique trains, Drvengrad - city constructed by Emir Kusturica, fascinating canyon Uvac with white-headed vultures, mountain lakes, beautiful villages, fragrant forests and mountains, ancient monasteries of Mileseva and Raca, numerous wood-hut churches, caves, fortress in Užice, rafting on Lim....

On Zlatibor and Tara touristic season is open during the whole year. Here you can also learn some of old craftsmanship, embroidery, needlework, knitting, ceramic work, weaving... Western Serbia mountains are perfect for doing business and having a vacation at the same time. Hotels on Zlatibor and Tara are equipped with the modern congress halls and centers and lately plenty of workshop participants choose the accommodations on Mokra Gora.


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