Thanks to its height of 980 meters above sea level, and wind rose which enables human organism to be recovered four times faster, in 1932. Divcibare Mountain was officially declared for unique air bath.

Only 104 km far from Belgrade and 180 km away from Novi Sad, Divcibare has four nature parks: Čalacki potok, Velika pleć, Zabalac, Crna reka. Another characteristic of Divcibare: rich flora and fauna, planty of springs and suitable soil configuration.

Surroundings heights and saddles are covered by snow 3 to 4 months. This all makes Divcibare equally attractive both during winter and summer. It presents an ideal combination of mountain and spa green surroundings hideaway, mean both for complete preparation programmes of sportsmen, recreation teaching, programmes in nature, different schools for children and adults.


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