Mulberry tree of Karadjordje

There are so many stories this old man could have told if only he could? Under it, on the 8th November 1805, the Turkish fortress-commander of Smederevo, Mohamed Gusa, gave the key of the city to Karadjordje with honours. Karadjordje was the leader of the First Serbian rising. The Turks had left plenty of cannons and ammunition to the rebels while Karadjordje promised safe passage to the Turks all the way to Vidin-Bulgaria.
The mulberry tree is in the centre of Smederevo and it is under the state protection.

Karadjordjev dud - Smederevo

The bush of Takovo

The dried trunk of museum in Takovo remembers the Orthodox church holiday Cveti, in 1815, when duke Milos Obrenovic stepped out in front of the gathered people at a church fair and said: ` I am here, and you will have a war with the Turks`. That was the beginning of the Second Serbian rising.

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Rolled plums in the churchyard of the church Lazarica

It has been said that people had tried to plant them at some other place, but the only place where they wanted to roll had been the churchyard of the church Lazarica. More on them in the article on Lazarica.

Plums - church Lazarica


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