Situated in the central part of Serbia, Krusevac (Kruševac)  was once a medieval Serbian capital city. As such, it was built in the period between 1371 and 1377.  Duke Lazar was at the head of the State. In the mere city, there is an archeological park – the remains of medieval Lazar`s town.

Not much remained of the old town of Krusevac. The most preserved is the church Lazarica and the main tower 18 m high. Inside the complex is also the monument of duke Lazar as well as People`s museum. The symbol of the town of Krusevac represents the Monument of Kosovo heroes, built at the beginning of the last century. It is at the Square of Kosovo heroes…

The surrounding of Krusevac is rich in medieval monasteries which represents the unique tourist offer: monasteries – Naupare, Veluce (Veluće), saint Roman, the church of shroud of Mother of God in Djunis( Đunis). The most famous is a monastery Naupare, famous for its rosettes. It is 12 km from Krusevac.

The highest mountain near Krusevac is Jastrebac, which is rich in woods and waters. There are a few hotels and an artificial lake. The highest peak is 1491 m. Ribarska spa is situated on its clean plains rich in air and the altitude is 540 m. Today, Ribarska spa is a well-known place for rehabilitation of orthopedic, osteomyelitis and degenerative diseases.  It is 34 km from Krusevac.


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