River Drina

The River Drina is flowing foremost through the ravine between mountains and deep gorges with high and upright sides. Once the emerald-colored river Drina was the frontier between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire, today it's mostly the frontier between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some time ago Drina was wild and rash, today is tamed with hydro power plants and lakes of Visegrad, Perucac and Zvornik.

The Drina originates between the frontiers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, where rivers Tara and Piva join together and it flows 345 km till the junction with the river Sava. Drina canyon is the 3rd deepest canyon in the world, right behind Colorado (1800 m) and Tara. On its way throughout centuries Drina embraces the mountain Tara and through it deepens its canyon. On Drina is situated the famous bridge in Visegrad, constructed by Ottoman Gran Visir, Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic, in the period between 1571 and 1577.

In spite of the human centuries' long presence in the area, the nature is well preserved. Drina belongs to the purest watersheds in Serbia. For the long time its tourist potential has been neglected, but recently numerous ethno villages, restaurants, luxurious rent out apartments have been constructed.

In the part of upper flow Drina has all characteristics of a typically mountain river, but in the other part, in the valley has characteristics of the plane river. Drina is rich with fish; some of the typical species can be seen all over, others only in some areas. In the most developed touristic part between Perucac and Zvornik next species can be found: pike, carp, barbell, bream and other species. One interesting competition takes place in July - regatta, the boat race that gathers 10 000 participants which compete by rafting on everything that can float.

Most important centres on Drina are Perucac, Bajina Basta, Ljubbovija and Zvornik.

The view on Drina canyon is breathless and wonderful in its Eden like beauty.


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