Natural values

Jegricka – The park of nature

Jegricka is the main stream of South Backa. From West to East it is 60 km wide and it disgorges into the river Tisa. The stream is little river of Backa, which lost its original appearance because of humans. Through the municipality of Zabalj Jegricka flows down stream. Small quantity of water and slight fall of 8 cm make Jegricka the pond.

Jegricka is rich with fish: carp, babuska, roach, barski karas, bream, pike, zender, catfish, cvergl, mudfish and tench.

In 2005, Jegricka was enounced as the park of nature, with II and III degree of protection. JP “Water of Vojvodina” is the keeper of this park of nature.

The Association of sport fishermen “Mladost – Jegricka” is the user at the municipality of Zabalj, who owns 250 m of arranged cost line and 40 places for fishing at pontoons in wild nature.

Old Tisa – The park of nature

The old Tisa is the biggest meander of this river, 24 km long, separated bt dam on river Tisa. The average depth is 3 m and width is 100 m. It is a true jewel of nature. The underground springs fill up and the old Tisa with fresh water during dry period, keep its level and that is why the old Tisa is paradise for many fish and bird species.

Clever fisherman can find zender, catfish, carp, pike, babuska, bream and tench. And birdwatchers will find colonies of cormorants, herons, storks, gaks and couple of white-tail eagles in rich river vegetation.

In 2007. The old Tisa was enounced as the park of nature named “Old Tisa near Pearl Island”. The Association of sport fishermen “Old Tisa” is the user of this park of nature.


Old Tisa Nature Park

Old Tisa is preserved park of nature, habitat for rare species of birds, place that offers plesent vacation for all who know to enjoy in gifts of Panonian plain. Old Tisa is 24 km long, its average width is 100 m, and depth is 3 m.

Water is extremly nakedly, so it is paradise for swimmers and tnose who like picnics. Cost is covered with sedge and there are lots of pontoons and places for fishing. There are abouth 25 species of fish, white fish is dominant, but the population of walleye and catfish is especially populous.

Old Tisa is fished up with carp in 2000 .


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