What to do in Lvov

A lot of people associate this city with the morning coffee aroma, rain and impressive architecture. It is so foggy, wet and romantic. It is the city of beauty and elegance, the pearl of the Ukrainian baroque architecture. The charm of tiny cafes in the western manner, abundance of architectural works of art of different epochs, many small cozy courtyards with a long history – it’s all Lvov. Such an ancient and a modern at the same time, it is absolutely different from all the cities of Ukraine. The incredible beauty of the Cathedrals, Kostels and Churches, the all shining of the wealth and refinement of taste of its creators.

If when walking through the Lvov block pavements early in the morning or late in the evening you would not drop in one of the many colorful “kaviarnia” (coffee house) for the “filizhanka kavy” (cup of coffee) and not taste the famous chocolate of manual work in the local chocolate workshop, not visit the Dominican Cathedral Soli Deo, not become wet under the rain, not climb the High Castle, not look at the Lvov roofs stretched in the valley from the City Hall, not look at one of the many old gateways of the end of the 15th century where the yard forms a pit, not listen to the musicians at the Market Square – it means you have never been in Lvov. All these elements create a general picture, which is impossible to forget. This is a holiday for the soul. You will want to come back here again and again. There is a mystery here, and there is a history here, each door is different here, the time stops here and you would like to stay in this moment forever.

Lviv, Ukraine


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