Alupka (Voroncov) palace


Magnificent Alupka palaca belonged to Count Mikhail Vorontsov, the Governer-General of Nova Rossia, province of the Russia Empire. Alupka palace was built to the design of the famous English architect Edward Blore. The palace resembles a medieval knight's castle, but it was not in the Middle Ages and not to defends its owners from the enemy that the palace was built. It is a modern residence meant for luxurious life, so instead of narrow embrasures there are those wide window openings, while heavy and massive towers are crowned with softly-shaped cupolas and tall chimneas and open-wark wall denticles are purely decorative. The central point in the architectural composition is the portal which resembles the entrance to and Indo-Moslem mosque.


Voroncovski dvorac


The palace is surrounded with a magnificent park decorated with lakes, waterfalls, fountains and grandiose stone chaos. The palace looks gorgeous against the fabulous Ai-Petra mountain.





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