Livadia palace

The snow-white building of Livadia Palace looks very elegant againist the background of the blue sea and fresh green of the park. The new Big Palace was built for tzar Nicholas II by the Yalta architect Nicolai Krasnov within a mere seventeen months. The style of the Renaissance Italian palazzos the architect opted for helped him "combine the majestic palatial impression with tranquility of a country home".

Particulary attractive is the Italian Courtyard with its elegant columns, carved marble sofas and fountain and magnificent openwork gate. The museum exhibition tells visitors about the life of the tsar family in Crimea.

In 1945 Livadia Palace hosted Yalta Conference. The leaders of the three allied states, the USSR, the USA and Great Britain discused here the important issues of the postwar arrangement of the world and passed the resolution on establishment of the UN.


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