The ruins of the ancient city of Chersonese will always attract thousands of visitors. Megarian Greeks from Heraclea Pontica in 528 BC established their trading factory on the of what is known today as Karantinnaya bay. On the fields outside the city they grew wheat and grapes, and grazzed cattle. Port Chersonesus welcomed ships from many different countries. The city rapidly developed into a prosperous and wealthy community.


The streets and public places were decorated with statues of gods and of Heracles, the famous hero who was believed to be the city's guardian and patron. New and attractive houses were soon built, as well as several market places and a theatre. Having brought under its control the entire western coast of Crimea, Chersonese became a large center of trade, crafts, and culture.

Mighty walls and towers defended the city from the ferocious Scythians who never succeded in capturing it. It was only in the 10th century AD when Chersonese first surrendered to the army of the Kievan prince Vladimir who converted into Christianity here. In the 13-14 th centuries the Tatar invasion put an end to this glorious city which had existed on the Crimean land for 2500 years.


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