Festivals in August

Medieval Festival in Zurich, Switzerland
Once every 3 years in August, The Association of Fraumünster Abbey Friends organizes a medieval festival in Münsterhof Square. Visitors of the festival can see theatrical performances and spectacular tournaments. They can also walk around the fair where they can buy various items used back in the Middle Ages.

Street Theater Festival in Graz, Austria
Each year the Austrian town of Graz hosts La Strada, a street theater festival. Since the festival lasts for about a week, there is plenty of time for numerous performers in over a hundred plays to fill the town with joy, laughter and happiness.

Britain’s Biggest Beer Festival
Featuring best sorts of ale and cider, Britain’s Biggest beer Festival brings pleasure to those who love this beverage. There is usually more than 400 types of ale, including golden ale, strong porter, fruit beer, various liqueurs, and of course, light beer. For those who don’t really have a passion for beer there will be lots of interesting happenings going on, including traditional games and competitions that usually take place in British pubs. In addition to all that, tasty snacks and live music is guaranteed.

Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary
Around the middle of August, Budapest hosts Sziget, one of the largest European music festivals, which is very popular in Eastern Europe. Each year there are the greatest world stars among the performers. Beside concerts there are numerous cultural events, movie screenings, sports competitions, art exhibitions, theatrical and circus performances, programs for children, prize draws, charity events and many more.

Meyboom Holiday in Brussels, Belgium
Ever since 1213, and continuing to this day, a May tree (otherwise called the Tree of Joy) is set in the central square of Brussels as a token of gratitude to Saint Laurent for his heroic deeds. Nobody is confused by a May tree showing up in August. A tradition is a tradition. The most spectacular event in this ceremony is the procession of gigantic dolls marching from Virgin Mary Church in Sablone to Grand-Plaas square.

Aste Nagusia Fiesta in Bilbao, Spain
In the second half of august, the Spanish city of Bilbao hosts the Aste Nagusia Festival called the Grand Week. Shows, performances, concerts, games, competitions, and fireworks last for nine days and nights. The main female character of the fiesta is Marihaja the Doll, who is accompanied by large-headed dolls in the carnival procession.

La Batalle del Tomate in Bunyol, Spain
Around the end of August, the Spanish town of Bunyol annually hosts an unusual festival La Tomatina – Tomato Battle. Like during other Spanish festivals, there are fireworks, music, dancing and numerous refreshment stands. The main event is the tomato fight in the city square. To avoid injuries, the juicy Spanish tomatoes first need to be squashed in hands before they are thrown at other participants. Several hours later, rivers of tomato juice, made from almost 100 tons of ripe tomato, run down the streets. The battle ends with water-shooting guns. During the annual festivity, almost 40,000 tourists visit the city.


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