Svrzo's house

Svrzo's house, now a museum, was built in the 18th century and represents an outstanding example of the living culture during the Ottoman period. To a certan extent, however, it is an ideal that even contemporary architects aspire to when building houses.

Svrzo's house, the living area of a rich aristrocratic family, but equally thousands of similar houses inhabited by the citizens of Sarajevo, particularly in the principles of living and the attitude to life. The house had to be relatively big, with enough space for all residents including the servants, it had to be enlosed by a high wall in order to protect the intimacy of the area, it had to have an unhindered view, which was usually enabled through the back yard, it had to have running water for the preservation of the faultless living hygiene. In those times, separate living quarters were required for men and woman, as can be seen in Svrzo's house.


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